Getting Started with C/C++

A quick-and-dirty guide to install the components required to get coding.



GCC is the deault compiler for C/C++ in most linux distributions that I know of. Therefore, you should be able to check for it by just running the command gcc in your Linux PC. If you’re using Ubuntu (or any other Debian distro) like me, you will probably have it installed. If not, you might have to run sudo apt-get install build-essential and you’ll be up and running.


I normally use Code::Blocks while using my Windows partition, and I recommend it for it’s rather beginner-friendly approach.

Install Procedure

  1. Download the executable from here
  2. If you’ve downloaded the installer with the name codeblocks-16.01mingwsetup.exe, then there’s no need to install minGW separately. If not, go to the third step.
  3. Install minGW from here (By the way, minGW is the default installer)
  4. Enjoy Code::Blocks!

Bonus: Installing Borland C++ Compiler

  1. Use this link to download the mediafire file.
  2. Extract the file Borland C++.rar and you’ll get the following files. The folder `Borland` and the executable `C Free`
  3. Extract the Folder Borland into the system drive (which is probably C:\)

  4. Launch Code::Blocks and go to Settings on the top toolbar. like this

  5. Select Compilers from the drop down menu that appears. Select "Compilers"
  6. In compilers, select Borland and select it as default. Now you’re ready to go! GCC is selected What it looks like Borland is selected What it needs to look like before you click on “Set as default”